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Bill C-19 (Ending the Long-gun Registry Act) was introduced in the House of Commons on October 25, and on Oct. 27, the Conservatives voted to severely restrict the amount of time the House could spend on considering it. At the parliamentary committee level, the government rejected all the amendments proposed by the opposition. On February 15, 2012, the government voted to send the Bill to the Senate.


The amendments contained in Bill C-19 will put Canadians’ lives at risk. Like previous legislation aimed at ending the requirement that individuals register their non-restricted firearms – category of guns that includes rifles and shotguns such as the semi-automatic Ruger Mini-14 used in the Montreal Massacre and sniper rifles, including powerful .50 calibre sniper rifles – this Bill will allow a licenced individual to acquire an unlimited number of guns without even checking if their licence is valid. There will also be no means to know who owns these powerful guns, who sold them or how many are owned. When long guns are recovered in crime, police will not be able to trace them back to their owners, losing an important investigative tool.

Registering all non-restricted firearms to their legal owners one time is key to the effectiveness of our gun control policy.

  • Non-restricted rifles and shotguns are used in homicides, suicides and unintentional injury and account for a substantial proportion of firearms recovered in crime, even in large urban centres.  They are the guns most often used in suicide, domestic violence and the murder of police officers.
  • This is not just an urban issue; the evidence shows clearly that rates of firearm death and injury tend to be higher in areas with more firearms per capita.
  • Screening and licensing firearm owners reduces the risks that dangerous people will have access to weapons and registration reinforces licensing, as it holds gun owners accountable for their firearms and reduces the chances that their guns will be diverted to unlicensed owners.
  • That link between licensing of firearm owners and the registration of their firearms was affirmed by the Supreme Court of Canada in a unanimous decision on the constitutionality of the Firearms Act in 2000.
  • Registering firearms helps police enforce prohibition orders and remove guns from dangerous people.
  • The gun registry has aided police investigations, including the prosecution of accessories to the murder of four RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe, Alberta.
  • In Canada, rates of firearm death and injury have fallen with successively stronger firearms regulation, particularly those focusing on rifles and shotguns, the firearms most often in Canadian homes. 
  • The costs of maintaining the registration of rifles and shotguns alone have been determined to be less than $4 million per year, an investment that is dwarfed by the costs of gun death and injury.
  • All illegal firearms begin as legal firearms. Controls over legal guns are essential to preventing diversion and choking off the illegal supply.
  • Most industrialized countries register firearms. The registry helps Canada meet its international obligations to trace firearms and combat the illegal gun trade.

However, Bill C-19 goes far beyond simply repealing elements of C-68, the 1995 legislation; it actually  removes critical measures that have been in place since 1977. Bill C-19:

  • Makes verifying a firearms purchaser’s licence voluntary, which increases the chances unlicensed individuals will be sold rifles and shotguns.
  • Erases data on 7.1 million rifles and shotguns currently registered, despite the fact that the data could be useful as an investigative tool for police officers for firearm tracing purpose. Several international treaties require that countries maintain firearm sales records for the purpose of tracing.
  • Omits provisions to reinstate the requirement that businesses keep records of sales. This has been a requirement since 1977, and was removed when the Firearms Act passed in 1995 as the information would be in the registry. Without this information there is no way for police to investigate the source of rifles and shotguns recovered from crime scenes or seized from suspects. 
  • Destroys a tool widely used by police officers to remove guns from dangerous or suicidal people, enforce prohibition orders and take preventive actions.  

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